Managing Hours of Operation
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Manage Settings - Transportation Types, Vehicles & Drivers (189 kB)
Last Updated October 26, 2021
Creating a Transportation Request (1.35 MB)
Last Updated April 28, 2022
Transportation Hours of Operation (3.35 MB)
Last Updated August 09, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can connections and residents view the hours of operation?
Q: Can I print off transportation requests?
Q: Can I run a transportation report?
Q: Can I view and/or print requests for a specific driver or vehicle?
Q: Can staff create a transportation request outside the hours of operation?
Q: How do I change the status of a transportation request?
Q: How do I delete and/or edit a transportation request?
Q: How do I make a transportation request?
Q: How do we get access to the transportation feature in LifeLoop?
Q: What are default transportation hours?
Q: What are special dates?
Q: What is a reoccurring transportation request and how do I create that?
Q: What is the difference between a resident request and a community request?
Q: Where can connections see that a transportation request has been approved?
Q: Where do I set transportation types, vehicles and drivers?
Q: Who can manage hours of operation?
Q: Who can make a transportation request?
Q: Who gets notified that a transportation request is made?
Q: Why can I not see the transportation tab?