Designer Calendar Overview
Designer Cropping and Clipping Mask
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Designer Components
How to Create a Slideshow in LifeLoop
Saving and Printing Your Designs
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Calendar Designer 101 (4.49 MB)
Last Updated March 03, 2023
Designer Templates (3.82 MB)
Last Updated February 22, 2023
Designer Fonts (413 kB)
Last Updated October 26, 2021
Designer Slideshows (6.27 MB)
Last Updated April 07, 2023
Order Prints Training Document (2.76 MB)
Last Updated March 16, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I create branded calendars?
Q: Does LifeLoop offer more design options than just a monthly layout?
Q: How do I refresh my whole month of calendar activites in my calendar project without removing my current customizations?
Q: How do my activities get on the designed calendar?
Q: What types of projects can the Designer create?
Q: When should I order my calendar/newsletter prints to ensure I have them in time?
Q: Why can I not see the designer tab?