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PointClickCare Integration Functionality


Executive Director Family Letter Template (167 kB)
Last Updated September 29, 2023
Last Updated October 26, 2021
For Connections- LifeLoop Summary (Flyer) (1.03 MB)
Last Updated February 11, 2022
Last Updated February 11, 2022
For Connections- LifeLoop Summary (Rack Card) (1.02 MB)
Last Updated February 11, 2022
LifeLoop: A Solution for Every Department (Packet) (5.81 MB)
Last Updated January 27, 2023
Resident Connection Authorization Form (108 kB)
Last Updated May 31, 2022
Smart Import Details (1.45 MB)
Last Updated June 08, 2023
Weekly Summary Customization (772 kB)
Last Updated October 26, 2021
Last Updated July 24, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a resident connection be tied to multiple residents at my community?
Q: Do connections have to opt in to recieve text announcements?
Q: Do resident connections have to be LifeLoop users?
Q: I have a list of connection information already, can I upload into LifeLoop all at once?
Q: If a connection cannot get logged in how can I help them?
Q: What is a community connection?
Q: What is a resident connection?
Q: Why am I not able to add a connection and receive an error?